Spectra Shield® products have been protecting military and law enforcement personal for the past 20 years, and that history of innovation continues with the release of the Spectra Shield® II product line.

SR-3124, our Spectra Shield® II hard armor product, incorporates high-strength Spectra® 3000 fiber into our proven hard armor shield construction, to provide the highest levels of protection for breast plate, helmet, and vehicle applications.

SA-3118 and SA-3113 are our Spectra Shield® II soft armor offerings, providing the best known ballistic protection for military and law enforcement vest applications. SA-3118 maximizes ballistic performance, while SA-3113 was designed for added flexibility and comfort, while maintaining a high level of performance.

SR-1226 is our standard Spectra Shield® hard armor product, used in plate, helmet and vehicle programs throughout the world.

SA-1211, continues to be used in some of the most demanding vest applications, and is designed to meet the comfort and flexibility demands of the user, while maintaining strong ballistic performance and reducing the effects of blunt trauma.

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