INTRODUCTION: Challenges of Textile Industry is increasing day by day. We are facing cost competition and performance pressures from our competitors. There are many reasons that we are lacking behind in Textile Industry. Out of many other reasons one of the reason is lack of international benchmarking and poor performance. So, in Technical Textiles we do technical and management consultancy. During the tenure of consultancy our whole team involves themselves in the improvements of the client' s company. Depending upon the expertise of our people and the nature of the client' s business, one person from the company acts as the Lead Consultant.

• Introduction
• Technical Support
• Management Support
• New Project Feasibility
• Code of Conduct

We offer consultancy support in following areas,

As we are a group of textiles engineers, financial experts, and technology experts, having experience of more than 25 years in this industry, we feel confident that we can help industry in technical matters. Our textile industry needs precise and focused technical support which can help to boost business activity.
We help textile industry technically to improve from existence position in the following areas.

• Selection of the most suitable product for the project.(Product Mix Selection)
• Improvement in quality parameters of product.
• Productivity improvement.
• Raw material utilization improvement (Yield %)
• Standardization of production, process and utilities parameters.
• Machine balancing.
• Optimum utilization of machines of any department.
• Identification of proper bottle neck department/ machine and its solution.
• Spare parts management.
• Maintenance management.
• Work load management, labor productivity.
• Operative methods.
• Waste control ( Machinery wastage, human resource wastage, time waste)
• Market benchmarking for productivity, product quality, operational data etc.
• Energy saving concepts and areas identification.
• Cost control area identification, best practices of market, and training for its improvement.

We as a nation are week in management of organizations and departments. This area needs maximum support. We in Technical Textiles have experience and knowledge of international management systems requirements to run an organizations in a smooth and profitable manner. Support is designed specifically as per the need of the organization. We apply following methodology/ steps for support.

• Identification of area for improvement.
• Defining existing level.
• Market benchmark.
• Searching for improvement, data collection.
• Pilot experimental runs.
• Measurement of improvement.
• Bulk Improvement.
• Suggestion for sustaining improvement in future.

Although HR is not our core expertise but we support in following areas where required.

• Structure of HR department.
• Procedures of HR department.
• Help in appointments of different carders.

To improve financial controls in a running organization we give support in following areas.

• Product costing optimization.
• Budgeting concept.
• Cost control.
• Improvement of production cycle time.
• Inventory controls.

We work for clients to develop feasibility reports for any new textile project including all sectors of textiles. The purpose is to develop report for the management so to help them to make better calculated decision. This report also fulfills the requirement for the purpose of submission to any financial institute. Feasibility report includes

• Designing and selection of basic project theme.
• Total project cost.
• Sales forecast.
• Working capital requirement.
• Costing of product to produce.
• Size of plant for optimum profitability.
• Raw material consumption and cost.
• Estimated salary and wages.
• Calculated power cost.
• Utilities calculation and cost impact.
• Projected Balance sheet.
• Projected profit and loss statement, cash flow and project pay back.

Commissioning of project:
If required by client we also offer project commissioning. It involves as following,

• Help in selection of land and location for suitability of project.
• Choice of purchase of any existing project available for sale. (Second hand)
• Installation of main machines as per manufacturer instructions.
• Installation of accessories side by side of main machines.
• Finalization of machine specification and opening of LC.
• Construction of building supervision.
• Appointment of staff and workers if required.
• Machinery erection work.
• Project start up.
• Trial run and production optimization.
• Monitoring of production data with quality parameters. (If required)
• Optimization of key performance indicators of the project. (If required)
• Operational system development and performance monitoring. (If required )

During the consultancy project we suggest the following code of conduct.

• We will not interfere in the daily matters of the client.
• We will not force to hire any man power of our choice in the organization.
• Confidentiality for all information will be maintained. We are bound not to share any information to anyone without client' s permission.
• Within the framework of agreement we will be free to design and plan the execution of our services, incl. working hours and place of work. We will also be free as to which person from our company will perform the practical execution of the work.
• The formation of agreement does not in any way restrict us to access or to perform services for other clients.
• During the performance of the task the Client is liable to make human resources, documentation, software, charts, premises, etc. available to us with a view to ensuring optimum conditions for solving the task.

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